Maintenance + shutdown

We understand the 24/7 work schedule

We replace, repair and install equipment, chutes, conveyors, bucket elevators, dust collectors, storage bins, crushers, screens, mills... And anything else to do with your plant's material handling process.

We build, install, repair and improve equipment efficiently to have an effective use of the shutdown time period. We are proficient at performing maintenance-type work during plant operations when possible. Any shutdown operations are planned by Artisan in direct collaboration with your team in detail prior to the work being performed.

Why outsource plant maintenance?

Outsourcing your plant’s maintenance to a company experienced in handling complex machinery pays for itself. We’re used to time-sensitive projects while maintaining strong safety standards.

Partnership Driven

We value having a strong relationship with clients. With so much on the line when it comes to heavy machinery and plant operation, thorough communication is key to successful partnership. You can be confident knowing that we’re taking care of the exact systems discussed so your plant’s downtime is reduced as much as possible.

Let’s discuss how to improve your system’s operations.