Artisans have a certain way of approaching projects. They bring a wealth of experience and cultivated knowledge, while remaining open to new ideas and techniques. They fully immerse themselves in what they do to perfect their craft. And they don’t balk at difficult projects


Artisan Contracting has extensive knowledge of construction techniques and detailed project planning, combined with an experienced team of qualified professionals to execute the work. Regardless of the challenge, our team enjoys finding solutions to complex issues. EVEN IN A TIME CRUNCH.

“I had the opportunity to work with Artisan Contracting at our Ottawa, IL Plant. We were replacing a major piece of equipment, which required shutting down the entire plant. In fact, it was my second time working with Artisan on a time-critical outage.

I wanted to thank you for your exemplary crews and leaders. We were able to get the work done in the allotted time and, most of all, it was done safely. Throughout the outage, Artisan’s personnel could be observed complying with all safety rules and procedures, wearing the appropriate PPE, etc. I understand that Artisan went to great lengths to make sure the crane lifts were planned out and the equipment being extracted would remain intact until it was safely resting on the ground.

Artisan’s people are great to work with. All of your personnel conducted themselves professionally. Work was done safely, efficiently, and effectively. The entire Project Work Plan was well thought out by Artisan’s project managers and supervisors. And when we ran into the inevitable unforeseen obstacles, we worked together on a plan. And once a solution was determined, it was all hands on deck, with everybody diving in and getting the work done.

Every time that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Artisan, it has been a great experience. And it’s not just me. I would also like to point out that both our management and line personnel have made comments on the positive experiences they’ve had with Artisan.”

– Thomas K., P.E., Engineering Projects Manager

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exceeds your expectations.

“I have worked with numerous contractors for more than 15 years. The massive projects along with the fabrication of all these jobs would never have been possible without the help of Artisan Contracting. The quality of their work at a competitive cost, along with the work ethic of their employees, are the reasons I choose Artisan to do the work I need.

– Gary Ronald, mining industry general surface manager

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From heavy industrial and material processing to food-grade facility construction, transporting and interior remodels, you can trust our approach to safely complete your project.

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