Safety [comes] first

A core tenet of our operating philosophy

When it comes to safety, we don't compromise. Each year we dedicate hours and dollars to ensuring our crew is fluent in how seriously we take proper precautions on-site. This is why our clients trust us with their projects. They see first-hand the amount of effort, knowledge and skill that goes into our safe operations.
“Keeping personnel safe is more than a checkmark on a task list. It’s the right thing to do.”
-Larry Frankum, Artisan Contracting President


Safety guides every decision we make. From how we react in pivotal moments to what we do to solve problems long-term, we’re trained to seek sound and secure methods from the get-go. Safety is a top value for everyone at Artisan, whether they are a manager or front-line team member. Safety is a mindset infused deeply within our culture.

Employees participate in new-hire orientation and annual safety training. Superintendents and project foremen are trained in OSHA 30, First Aid/CPR/AED and various certifications. Our dedicated in-house safety department provides comprehensive training for all Artisan team members, including OSHA, MSHA, Fall Protection, Forklift, First Aid, Scaffold Erection, Rigging, Aerial Lift, and various other safety skills. In addition, the carpenters, millwrights, laborers and operating engineers all receive safety training through their union apprenticeship/affiliated programs.

Our Culture Revolves Around Safety

Supervisors conduct a daily job site analysis in the field to discuss safety hazards specific to each project and implement corrective controls unique for each job. They are constantly observing jobsite performance and they immediately correct any unsafe practices. The safety culture at Artisan Contracting, LLC starts from the top. It is ingrained into the very fabric of the company and is a priority at every level.