We were given a large concrete pad install project: 1,090 cubic yards. We needed a highly detailed process that would reduce cracking and other issues that arise with this much concrete.



To ensure this concrete pad was to the required standards, we worked with a mass concrete engineer and expert. Together, we set up a preplanning process and temperature control plan. We also created the mix design, chose our placement temperatures and decided on a curing process.

To ensure the install went off without interruption we coordinated with the batch plant and ensured a backup plan was in place. In the end, we had three concrete pumps on-site. Two were operational with the third ready to be switched in should one go down.

With internet-connected temperature monitors inside the concrete, we tracked the maximum temperature and temperature differences. This allowed for proactive measures, including applying thermal blankets to the concrete when needed.



Through the thermal control plan, we were able to ensure the core and surface temperatures were never high enough to cause cracking in the concrete. Further, because of our aggressive temperature monitoring and control of pad’s heating and cooling, we avoided detrimental effects of environmental temperature changes.

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